Gurgling drain / sink? Let’s stop the gurgling drain

In this article we’ll show you what to do when dealing with a drain that won’t stop gurgling. A gurgling drain / sink is quite common so don’t be afraid. There are easy solutions available to stop that noise in your drain. Typically the noise might be the result of a clogged drain or vent […]

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Drain cleaner – use a drano and keep the plumber away

We’d like to assist you in finding the right drain cleaner. In this article you will learn more about drain cleaners. We have put together a lot of information on drain cleaners that will be help you choose the right method / product if your drain is clogged. Typically a drain cleaner is a consumer […]

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Drain snake / spindle – how to snake a drain

In most cases a drain snake / drain spindle is a simple and low-cost method to clear clogged drains. If you have already tried all household remedies you may consider to grab a drain snake for cleaning a drain or clogged toilet. In this article we will explain how a drain snake works and how […]