Tools and equipment for drains and toilets

Sometimes cleaning a clogged drain or toilet is not as easy as it seems to be. Given that you did already try all household remedies but they did not work you may consider using a special tool / equipment to get the job done.

Some of the equipment should already be available in your household but some tools must be bought in a DIY store or supermarket such as e.g. Walmart.

What are the most successful tools for drains, toilets etc.?

Within the last weeks we tested and discovered lots of different tools / equipment for clogged drains or clogged toilets. So in this article we will give a brief overview about what tools you should consider to buy or rent when household remedies do not work.

So here is our list with the top tools:

The drain tools / equipment mentioned above vary a lot concerning price, capabilities etc. The plunger and drain snake for example are made for easy use in your very own household. They are a must-have to make you life easier.

Also a minihand or small grabbing tool will be very much beneficial for your household. Capabilities vary from cleaning clogged drains to grab jewelry fallen into a gully etc.

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Professional tools and equipment for companies

As an individual you may not consider to buy or rent a handheld drain cleaner or a bigger drain rooter on your own. This is special equipment you really need to know how to use it.

So this is meant to really go for the serious stuff. In other words: professional plumbers and pipe cleaning companies use these heavy machines as they are much more expensive and you need special and in-depth knowledge to use them correctly.

Overall drain rooters and handheld drain cleaners are ment to be used by professionals.

And as always: If you are unsure how to use one of the tools mentioned above please aks you friendly plumber for professional advice.

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